A pink oboe case! Pomegranate pink, to be exact. I love it. When I was younger I didn’t care for pink. Now? I love it. Really. Am I a girl or what?!

But …

I’m guessing having a pink case on stage wouldn’t go over terribly well. Guess I’d have to cover the darn thing with the black case cover I use now.

So I guess I’ll save myself the $500 and stick to what I have.



  1. I always find it weird when people bring their cases on stage. But the colour thing: are you careful with the colour of your thread for performance-reeds? I had a friend who used to consistently get into trouble for her hot-pink reeds and swab at concerts, and I am curious about your stance!

  2. Oh god, it’s horrible 😮 I still don’t care for pink :p

    My reed thread is silver, I guess that’s okay on stage.Reeds I buy are dark red or dark blue, which I think is also okay. Since I’m not a professional I would get away with hot pink if I wanted, though :p

  3. I bring everything I might need on stage with me, Ren. Tools, reeds, case, swab. Having attending a lot of concerts I can never see well enough to see reed thread color, but I do see the swab. I use a black swab. I also swab behind a stand so as not to be a distraction.

    Eefje, I love pink these days! Didn’t used to, but there ya go. They have other colors as well, though, if one hates pink. (Not sure if you were telling me this, or God, though!)

  4. My student has a Pink tapestry oboe case (I bought it for her for her birthday when she was about 12!). And For a year or so my students and I all sported hot pink swabs. Oboists should not fade into the background too much!

  5. I was telling you :p I know ‘oh my god’ and such things are quite stupid as expressives (?) but I don’t know how to really stress something otherwise…
    I have a red swab and a purple swab, and am currently using the purple swab, even though the sales-guy said purple was really Loree’s colour and red was Mariqaux (I have a marigaux.) I just happen to like purple!
    I wouldn’t go for one of those coloured cases… would love it if they made one covered with wood, though. Only covered, because the all-wood things are apparantly not really safe, and heavy!

  6. Anne, someone once wrote to me to say she attended a symphony concert where the oboe soloist came out with his green silk swab hanging around his neck! Funny!

    Eefje, I have a friend with a beautiful wood flute case. It immediately got a little scratch in it. I think if I had wood I’d have it covered constantly to protect it, so I suppose it wouldn’t be all that important to have it in the first place … no one would ever see it! (I made a felt cover for my wooden oboe reed case; I’m that crazy!)

    I love my black soft cotton swab. I really just don’t care for the colored swabs. Go figure. But I also love wearing black for work rather than dressing in colors.

    Oh … and I play Marigaux oboes as well, Eefje!

  7. My 2nd oboist just bought a Marigaux – she is in love! I need to be satisfied with my Loree and Laubin, two oboes is enough for now.

    But Patty – I see that if you buy the Loree oboe tha pink case is ONLY $400! What a bargain! I think you must get one immediately.

    And FWIW, I also take EVERYTHING on stage with me – I have a black bag and oboe case, black swab – and my reed thread is whatever color I feel like! Mostly I love turquoise right now…

  8. Tell ya what, Jill; you buy me the oboe and I’ll fork over the $400. 😉

    Yep, everything on stage. And, for the most part, no one every argues with an oboist about this. The only time we were not allowed to do this was when we played for Pavarotti. NOTHING was allowed on stage. Nor were we allowed to warm up on stage. We had to file on, single file, in silence, from the sides (so as to avoid stepping on his red carpet). Ah well ….

  9. Omg I want that case!!! It’s like if Elle Woods played the oboe! Legally Blonde 3: Elle Conquers the Symphony! 🙂

  10. So glad someone likes it, Sydne! I think it’s so darn cool. And yes, it does bring Elle Woods to mind! 🙂

  11. But…but…pomegranates aren’t pink – they’re RED!!! I know it’s alliterative and all that, but I’m outraged. OK, not really, but my gardener/foodie self can’t quite understand why they chose “pomegranate” for something hot pink. On the other hand, it’s nearly the same color as the beets I got at the farmer’s market the other day. But “beet pink” wouldn’t be terribly sexy for an oboe case, I guess…

  12. Fortunately I’m nothing close to a gardener at ALL, so it works fine for me. 🙂

    I still won’t buy it, though. (Even while I REALLY want to!)