Well, they were an opening night audience, after all. What did I expect? I thought they were far too noisy and disruptive. The maestro waited before starting the opera, and I’m guessing he was waiting for people to get quiet. They never did. I guess as long as no one is singing they think talking is an okay thing to do. So I found them noisy. Frustrating. Mostly there, I’m sure, to see and be seen. Maybe, too, to be heard? Surely not to listen. Grumble grumble.

One man sitting far too close to us laughed nearly hysterically about the puppet type elephant. It was whimsical, but was it something to guffaw over? No. Not that loudly and for that long. The group behind us seemed to be a crowd of noise makers at times. I’m guessing they rarely go to opera, actually. But maybe I’m just being snobby. I can get that way, I know. I just get frustrated with audiences when they are noisy.

Oh well. It was opening night. It’s a spectacle, to be sure.

And now it’s nap time.

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  1. We hardly ever go to performances for that very reason. The audiences are noisy and distracting.