“Wilhelm Tell (nach Rossini)”
by Jules Auguste Demersseman

Paula Robison, flute – Doulas Boyd, oboe – Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano

Spoleto Festival 1988>br>
Spoleto, Italy


  1. We’re seeing a lot of Douglas Boyd here in Denver lately, as he is the principal guest conductor of the Colorado Symphony. I had a chance to ask him if he would be soloing with the orchestra. His response: “No, I don’t play the oboe anymore”.

  2. How old is he? He looks like a little kid in this video! 🙂

    I can imagine not playing again, only because saying goodbye to oboe reeds would be no loss to my life. At the same time, I’d miss the music tremendously … there’s something so fulfilling about playing. I’m guessing, though, that conducting can be as fulfilling for some folks. (Me? I don’t have the talent for that!)

  3. I’m guessing mid-40s.

    You know, conducting is all about the ego.