Okay, I’ll go ahead and post a review roundup … without comment, excuses or apologies (some weren’t terribly complimentary):

Art and Entertain Me (Emma Krasov)
Interchange (Wanda Sabir)
Not For Fun Only (Axel Feldheim)
Operaphile (Brad Wade)
Opera Tattler (Charlise Tiee)
Operaville (Michael J. Vaughn)
Out West Arts (Brian)
San Jose Metblog (Cynthia Corral)

News/Review Sites:
ArtsSF (Paul Hertelendy
Examiner (Beeri Moalem
Mercury News (Richard Scheinin)
Milpitas Post (Mort Levine)
Out and About Magazine.com (Paul Myrvold)
SFCV (Georgia Rowe)
SFGate/Chronicle (Joshua Kosman)
SFSplash (Philip G. Hodge)
Spartan Daily (Jordan Liffengren)
StarkSilverCreek (Loni Kao Stark)


  1. Looks like a pretty complete list thus far- thanks for sharing all of these reviews with your readers!

  2. Happy to put ’em up, Margot! I’m sorry so many didn’t particularly care for the opera, even while the mostly compliment performers. My husband and son just loved it, and my husband will be returning sometime this week to hear it again! 🙂