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Yep, this is our production … 🙂

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Too funny:

We ran through his “Quintette En forme de choros,” written in 1928, as well as a trio for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon and a quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, with difficulty, as especially the quintet is not something to sit down and just read. At the end of the evening, I approached Maestro Villa-Lobos and told him how much we enjoyed his work, and that these days we were playing with French horn, not English horn, in our woodwind quintets. I asked him, “What is the possibility of your writing a work for that combination?” He replied, “I’ll think about it.”

Six months later, his publisher called me and told me that the Maestro had written such a quintet, and he wanted to send it to me. When I received it, I realized that he had taken the English horn part from the 1928 quintet, and at the top of the music, crossed out “English horn” and wrote in “French horn.”

RTWT. This blogger, Melvin Kaplan, is new to me. I’m looking forward to reading more from him!

Announcing his support for the Campaign, Lloyd-Webber said: ‘This indiscriminate victimisation of musicians has to stop. As a cellist I am used to being charged a full fare for my cello even when the plane is half empty. But to expect a violinist to do the same – when their instrument can safely be stowed in an overhead locker – is just plain greedy.’


This is, of course, in the UK (and the airline they are most upset with is one I don’t even know), but it has been an issue in the US as well. I am happy to say I encountered absolutely no problems when I traveled to New York, but so many have stories to tell that aren’t pleasant.

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the weekend went by fast . learned how to play my first note on the oboe friday excited learning another on monday !!!!!!!!!!

I just saw a photo of Anna Karenina’s suicide scene, where she is standing in front of the train. Underneath is this caption “Anna Karenina dies of a drug overdose.”


Seen here.

(Okay … enough of me! I must get this house cleaned before Dan gets home, and then it’s ReedTime™!)

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Read on wikipedia, about San Jose Symphony (RIP):

But when, more than a year later, the organization was unable to recover San Jose Symphony declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was desolved.

(I did the “bolding”)

Um. Okay.

And then there’s this:

In 2005 when the San Jose State University Community Chorus was displaced from thier university home, Symphony Silicon Valley took on the chorus as the Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale.

And earlier in the article:

the orchestra was so successful that it was spun off as its own seperate nonprofit organization after the first year.

Someone has some issues with spelling, I guess. But shouldn’t someone else fix it? C’mon, you know you want to! (Sure, I could do it … but wouldn’t it bring a reader some satisfaction to get in there and make some repairs? I’m just trying to share!)

I read those sentences here.

Mostly I think that there should be some mention of just who fixed up the California Theatre, and that the first group to perform there for the grand re-opening was Opera San José. You know?

Of course by the time you click on the link perhaps someone will have fixed the typos. Since I’m the Queen of Typos, hereby knows as QoT, I’m understanding … but those ones just caught my attention! 😉

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… just how much time I spend online. Really.

BUT … does it bring me the joy that going to the opera does? No. Does it bring me the thrill that I get when hearing some incredible symphonic work? No. Does it make me cry like a (often silly) musical does? No.


“The maps they gave us are out of date by years.”

Yes, indeed. Things need to change. Those of us the arts need to rethink. And I hope we do it soon. We “artists” seem to be frozen in a different century. We don’t have to be.

And yes, “economic dignity” sounds good to me. I don’t need “opulence”. Really.

I do need a good reed, though.

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I like weird. It’s why I play the oboe. 😀

Hmmm. Did he really play on that reed? Thoughts?

From YouTube:
An excerpt from a 1989 educational film featuring Andrew Davis (conductor and host) and students and faculty from the Manhattan School of Music. (Directed and Produced by Robin Lehman.)

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“That was the best of all the shows you’ve ever dragged me to,” said my daughter.

I read the above here, in a very positive blog review of Anna Karenina. So much fun to see such enthusiasm from this opera novice!