Hmmm. Did he really play on that reed? Thoughts?

From YouTube:
An excerpt from a 1989 educational film featuring Andrew Davis (conductor and host) and students and faculty from the Manhattan School of Music. (Directed and Produced by Robin Lehman.)


  1. Hmmm- it was an interestingly flat crow… Also, why didn’t he breathe in the middle of the solo? I know he was trying to make a point, but a breath would have been appropriate.

  2. I’ve heard it done both ways, breathing-wise. I have not problem with no breath as long as it’s done well … BUT … panting at the end? Then it shouldn’t be done that way, imo.

    I didn’t even notice the crow.

    So do you know who this is? Should I know this already?

  3. It’s easy to play the solo with no breath if you’re playing it up close and intimately. When you’re on stage trying to project to the back of the house, it uses up quite a bit more wind…LOL

    BTW, the pitch of your crow depends on how far into your mouth you put the reed. Some crow out on the edge where they would never really play in an orchestra.

  4. I think its Joe Robinson. I could be wrong though.

  5. I thought it might be, Bryan. I’ve never heard him speak … I think the voice would give it away for sure? And I’ve never met the guy, either. But it resembled pictures of him from now … still, I’d love to have that verified!

  6. Yes, it’s easier. But it’s possible to project and still play it in one breath. Not saying it’s necessary. Just possible.

    And yes, I know about the crow, Dane. 🙂

  7. Mr. Robinson is from North Carolina, and from that bit of a southern accent in the video I suspect it is him.