Just because it’s fun … although after watching a few times my hands kind of hurt a bit …

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Quartetto Gelato concert last night in Haliburton was fantastic – great music, high energy, even acrobatics. You don’t often see an oboe player doing the splits while playing a classic piece.

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I’d heard Jackie Evancho, and even blogged about here, but the very young Oliver Richman was new to me nor had I heard of Mark Vincent … but this article is an excellent and thought provoking one. Do check it out!

Where will these kiddos be ten years from now? Guess we won’t know until then, eh?

As to their performances … well … you can watch ’em via the link and decide for yourself what you think about ’em now.

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Like it or not, change is the ever accelerating constant that guides our lives today, and like the famous line in Alice in Wonderland, we must run as fast as we can to stay in the game – and if we want to get anywhere, we must run twice as fast as that. Nimbleness, flexibility, responsiveness, creative opportunism: all will be valued as never before.

-Ben Cameron

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EITHER I’M dreaming, or Sunday’s performance of David Carlson’s Anna Karenina was the best thing that ever happened at Opera San José.

Well well well … that’s a good way to start!

I read it here. I can’t find the name of the author … am I blind?

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Well, we are getting more reviews for Anna Karenina than for anything else we’ve ever done. I guess that’s good news. Sadly, I’ve been told that one review in particular caused tickets sales to plummet. (Hey folks, remember you are only reading one person’s opinion with each review; these aren’t The Truth. Really now!)

But here’s another. It’s a bit of a puzzlement to me, but I’m slow that way ….

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Oboe recital! I think it’s considered rude to live-tweet a concert, so…toodles!

(Glad the tweeter knew that!)

“Sleep Concerts have been a great success in Japan, where sleep deprived workers will happily pay £50.00 for the privilege of nodding off to a live music performance; so that they can get some much needed shut eye. This idea has inspired us to create our own UK version of the concert, which will provide exhausted Britons the opportunity to relax, take a nap and feel revitalised; resulting in improved physical, mental and emotional health.”

With the sole aim of the ‘Sleep Concert’ being to help the audience nod off, Travelodge surveyed 6,000 Britons across the UK to establish the repertoire for the performance. As a result Travelodge is working with quartet String Mania to devise a range of snooze inducing music which will include; works by Mozart, Bach, alongside renditions of crooner Michael Buble, Coldplay and Snow Patrol’s chart-topping hits, amongst others.


Somehow I don’t think Bach & Mozart would be thrilled with this one ….

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Milipitas Posts’s Mort Levine sure gives us a positive review!

And here’s a “behind the scenes” video (found here: