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I loved the Dick Van Dyke Show!

One of television’s most beloved sitcoms, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” endeared itself to viewers with its clever comedy, three-dimensional characters and realistic situations. Running from 1961 to 1966, the show boasted a peerless ensemble of characters centered on the work and home life of Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), a lovable, if klutzy, writer for a TV variety show, and his beautiful wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore).

Before “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” suburbia was never portrayed on television as a haven of sophistication. We never followed Ozzie Nelson to work, and we never cared to know what Ward and June Cleaver did behind closed doors. But “Your Show of Shows” veteran Carl Reiner, who created, wrote, and produced the show, broke the staid sitcom mold with the series and its realistic portrayal of relationships.

Underlying Van Dyke’s deft physical comedy, such as his tripping over the ottoman in the classic opening scene, or Morey Amsterdam’s numerous one-liners, is a sophistication rare in sitcom, at that time or any other.

How deliciously clever would it be, then, to take this quintessential pop culture art form — the sitcom — and turn it into the high culture art form of an opera.


The article mentions his other 1 act opera. Below you see a portion of it (you hear it, too, if you have your sound on). Sounds very operetta-ish …

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question of the day! should/can we replace a principal oboe with a Macbook, if they can’t play any lower than a quarter tone sharp?

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In Baltimore:

I’m going to do some looking around to find other music in schools videos … we’ll see where this leads!

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If a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing badly.

-Gustav Holst

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I thought he said, “Now I’m just angry” at first … but when he explained what he would eat (complete with food preparation sound effects) I caught on:

As you could tell, this was a short interview with Luisotti after an Aida performance.

Here are some more videos connected with Aida:

Dolores Zajick sounds like she’s thinking about Tuvan Throat Singing …

On stage trumpeter John Freeman:

Stage Manager Rachel Henneberry:

There’s a hospital at SF Opera?!

Opera librarian? (I thought the librarians were Lauré Campbell and Carrie Weick, but this interview says that Steve White is the librarian … ?

Final Bows:

All of this was discovered via this link.

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oboe is the ugliest instrument.

(Sure, if it’s played poorly! But when played well it’s the loveliest!)

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If you are wondering how these work, and how anyone can possibly make money through these scams, check out an earlier blog post and read the comments. Yes, these are rotten scams, and yes, people can lose money because of them. Beware!

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Today, 54 people auditioned for one horn position in the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. A few came from Texas, California, Indiana. Most drove from Baltimore, Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.

Before auditioning, people stretched their backs, shoulders, arms, fingers, faces. They stood and breathed, staring at a wall.

“You warm up. You do all the things that make you feel ready. I don’t know how much that actually helps. It might be a mental thing,” said Dan Rader, 23, of Richmond, Va. “It’s a mind game. The whole thing is a mind game.”

I read it here. I was surprised to see so many photos of auditionees. I guess they don’t get anonymity aside from while they play. I do hope they gave the newspaper permission to print the photos. I think I’d be uncomfortable seeing my photo in the paper unless I won!