Hello, How are you today?I got your contact email while searching for maths teacher on the internet.I have a daughter(Sandra) who is interested studying maths.Sandra doesn’t have any previous in the music but she is ready to learn.She’s a 15 year old girl with a very sharp brain. she’s coming down there to spend some months with my cousin living around you and will be coming to your location for the lessons.We base in Toronto but I just got a new job appointment in Edinburgh,UK and i want Sandra to come over there to attend the lessons before she will finally come to Edinburgh,UK to stay with me.If you have agreed to accept Sandra as your student,please get back to me with the following information..

*Total fees for two months lessons(two hours lessons in a week)

*Your teaching location and phone number.

I want the lessons to start by Oct4th. Looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are wondering how these work, and how anyone can possibly make money through these scams, check out an earlier blog post and read the comments. Yes, these are rotten scams, and yes, people can lose money because of them. Beware!


  1. Have you ever thought about replying to one of these and giving them the local police dept address and phone number?

  2. No. Considering they are somewhere overseas I don’t know that it will do any good.