i’m laughing my *** off as my dad tries to fit me and city hall in the same frame because in a circle around the tall table just behind him are two 60-year-old couples sharing a sweetly smelling joint sticking shyly out of a cigarette holder. not only that, but as my dad’s standing there taking these pictures, one of the old guys is holding the joint out to me asking me if i want to partake. of course i wanted to, but i politely refused, laughing, because i was out with my dad. the old dude’s reply? “come on! it’s the opera!” indeed! and, let me say for the fourth time in this post, 3.5 hours is quite a long time to last without at least a breeze of intoxication.

(The blogger was attending San Francisco Opera on the same night as us. We missed this little scene.)


  1. You can’t go past 4 hours? Dude! you need rehab!

  2. He sure does! It was quite the blog entry.