ON Monday night, “Das Rheingold,” the first part of a mammoth new production of Richard Wagner’s opera cycle “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” will thunder down on the Metropolitan Opera. A 45-ton set will test the theater’s foundations; a reported $16 million budget will test the company’s finances. In the midst of economic troubles, is it seemly to spend such a vast amount on a spectacle that will be seen by a relatively small, elite audience?

This is the start of a very good Op-Ed piece by Alex Ross that appeared in the New York Times.

Me? I wish Dan and I could have gone. The production looks incredible. Sounds mighty dangerous too.


  1. We will be seeing the Met Reingold in April. My lovely wife has become a total ring nut since last summer’s Ring in Seattle. And me, well I’ve always been one. Can’t wait!

  2. I’m envious, Bill! I’ll want to hear all about it!

  3. Patty,

    Live performance of this opera from the Met at Lincoln Center w/b digitally streamed to hundreds of movie theatres across the USA on Saturday 9 October. Tickets are $22 (+ online processing fee)

    Starts at 10 AM @ San Jose Oakridge 20 on Blossom Hill Road, Cinearts Santana Row 6 & AMC Eastridge Mall 15

    Live HD Met website has details:




  4. Oooh, thanks, John! I’ll have to see about getting there … although I teach on Saturday mornings so that would be a loss of income. Hmm. Maybe I’ll go to the encore instead. But I’m SO glad you let me know about this. I should write a post about the Met broadcasts.

    Many many thanks!