My daughter is joining band and she’s considering the oboe, my first thought, “who plays the oboe?, my second thought, “my baby, that’s who!” I love the fact that she marches to the beat of her own drum, so today, let’s think outside of the box! Good Morning faceboogers! Have a great day!!


  1. Are we outside of the box and marching to our own drum? I thought I played the oboe.

  2. I never try to think, Cooper. That was your first mistake! 😉

  3. You can march with an oboe – I did for three years in US Army bands – but you need to anchor the instrument to your face.

    My solution was stolen from the Renaissance practice of the pirouette, a hollow cup that kept the reed free in your mouth, but stabilized the instrument, something like a Brass mouthpiece with the reed coming through the middle.

    I cut a sewing spool in half and pushed the reed through it so that I could hold the spool against my lips, while playing the instrument as usual. Not the most elegant solution, but if you are MARCHING with an oboe, maybe the best solution…

  4. I tell my students that if they have to march with their oboe they should quit. I don’t like it for so many different reasons, Bob. I realize there’s a way to make it work but I have one word … WHY?! 🙂

    (But I guess if you’re in the military you aren’t allowed to ask that question, right?) 😉

  5. Don’t let your children to grow up classical trained musicians.
    There are no jobs out there.

    I recently graduated with a masters in oboe performance. Can’t find a job that allows me to play the oboe.

    Don’t let your children grow up to be classical musicians.

  6. How long have you spent auditioning, John? I know that some very well known musicians didn’t land their first big gig until after a tremendous number of years. It can take a very, very long time. I’m sorry you’re struggling. It’s a very hard life.

    Me? I let my children do what they wanted career-wise. That was entirely up to them!