A oboe can be a quite versatile instrument with a long account behind it. The oboe has normally six strings, but some have four, 7, 8, ten, and even twelve strings. Regardless of the number of strings, it holds an fascinating place amongst musical instruments.

Yep. I really read that. It was one of those fake sites … but where the heck did they come up with that info? Weird.

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well………[FBer’s child’s name here] is a proud owner of a new professional oboe!!! Yep…….I hear scholarships!!!

PLEASE NOTE: A “professional oboe” doesn’t say “scholarship” … a good musician does. The instrument is nothing without the work. Truly.

Oboist Ingle will take the stage for the performance of Eric Ewazen’s “Down a River of Time.” She is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and has appeared as a soloist with many orchestras and chamber orchestras across the United States. She has been principal oboist of the South Bend Symphony Orchestra since 2006 and serves as instructor of oboe at Valparaiso University and at Goshen College.

Ewazen’s “Down a River of Time” was written in 1999, commissioned by oboist Linda Strommen as a memorial to her father. The title of this piece, taken from an essay by Richard Feagler, relates to the poignant stories of long gone relatives and friends.


Hey … I read Jennet Ingle’s blog! Nice to see this article, including a fun picture of her!

Here is the work she’ll be performing:

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As I predicted, 2nd oboe has crowned herself 1st. She can play the tuning note if it makes her feel better, I have better parts! Nyah!

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