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I don’t expect people at a ballpark to act the same was as I expect opera goers at an opera hall to act. Even when they are seeing and hearing opera at a ballpark. The people behind us did, at times, talk in full voice, which seemed a bit over the top, though. One girl, especially, didn’t seem to understand that there was actually an opera going on. Still, I never shush people at an event like that. It just seems crazy to try to do that.

But I guess some people don’t agree. Even while attending opera in a ballpark for free. Go figure. I just read this:

A young couple in the row behind An and I began rustling in their seats. They were trying to find something that had dropped onto the ground. Considering there was a show going on, they were fairly quiet and I didn’t think they were really disturbing anyone.

I was wrong. Opera fans are crazy.

An older woman who earlier in the evening had pushed her way into the seats next to An and I turned around and told the man to sit down and be quiet.

That was when all hell broke loose.

The man responded back, “I think if you lost a $50,000 ring you would be up looking for it too.”

The old lady did not seem to care about the $50,000 ring, she was more concerned about the dying Aida and Radames on the jumbo tron out in center field. “Sit down and be quiet,” she said again.

Yikes! Someone was rather uptight! The good news is the ring was eventually found.

My biggest concern, though, is what the blogger meant by “old”. Hmmm. I hope the grumpy old lady wasn’t something like … oh … say … 53.

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From the Merc … read it here.

(I find the comment about bass viols a bit of a puzzlement … do other people call the double bass, also called the string bass, upright bass, bass violin or contrabass, a “bass viol”?)

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“Good God, your lower register sounds like lint.” Oboe is a funny creature… as are oboe teachers… 😀

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We all know that the oboe could be best like a melody carrier in its middle sign-up because it has a heat seem. Subsequent step is to compose a sad melody for the oboe that suits the market (bear in mind, middle sign-up for heat quality)

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Found here:

Assistant/Associate Professor of Oboe, School of Music

Tenure-track position available August 19, 2011.

Responsibilities: teach undergraduate and graduate applied oboe; perform with the Musical Arts Quintet and other faculty chamber music ensembles; coach mixed woodwind ensembles; teach oboe techniques, repertoire and pedagogy classes; provide an artistic model in a fine arts setting; maintain a national profile; recruit and maintain a strong oboe studio; advise students; participate in the student chamber music program; assist in job and graduate school placement, curricular development, professional service, and faculty governance. Additional performance opportunities may be available locally and regionally.

Minimum qualifications: master’s degree in music; documented history of a high level of professional activity in oboe teaching and performance.

Preferred qualifications: demonstrated ability to recruit and retain quality students on the college level; exceptional performance and/or scholarly background; completed doctorate; experience in coaching chamber music; and/or teaching oboe repertoire and pedagogy.

Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, three letters of reference written within the past two years, a short list of additional references who may be contacted, a CD of performances from within the past two years representing various styles, student evaluations, if available, and a certified transcript copy of the highest degree earned to:

Dr. Keith Sweger, Chair
Oboe Search Committee
School of Music, MU 203
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Samples of recordings, scholarly publications, and other supporting materials may be included with the application. Additional supporting materials may be requested at a later date. All materials will be retained. Review of applications will begin on November 8, 2010, and will continue until the position is filled. www.bsu.edu/music

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Always wanted to play the oboe, but my dad dissuaded: ‘it’s a double reed instrument. You’ll get saggy cheeks from all the blowing’