So … we finished the first set of symphony. I was on English horn for the Mahler. Very few notes. Very exposed. And I did okay. Maybe I even did fine. Heck, maybe I even did well. Who knows? I sure never do!

Nathan Gunn was great. I could listen to that voice of him forever, I think. Such an incredible, beautiful, warm sound. Loved, loved, loved it! As did the audience.

Here’s a little Gunn & Bell for you:

I also played assistant principal oboe on both the Schumann first symphony and Beethoven’s seventh. Playing assistant (“AP”) is a nice change; no stress, really! What AP does is allow the principal oboist to have a bit of a break. We do this when the parts have so many notes with very few rests. It’s not done very frequently, but this set did really call for it and I was happy to get to do it; when I have so little to play, as I did with the Mahler, playing AP helps me feel more involved in the concert. So I’m grateful. (Thanks, PH!)

While we were performing today the Giants were playing what I hoped would be their last game before they moved on to the playoffs. Owning an iPhone meant I could check the score right before we started the concert, during intermission, and immediately following the concert. I will not, however, have the iPhone on during a performance. It was tempting, believe me, but I will not enter the world of the performer who is online while working. I’m a good girl, I am! (Name that show.)

Good news, though. The Giants are in the playoffs.

It’s quite true what they say about the Giants, though. TORTURE!


  1. My Fair Lady. 🙂

    We were getting Giants updates backstage. But a) we were backstage, and b) it was a rehearsal.

    I think that when playoff games conflict with our performances, we’re going to have to give periodic updates to the audience! Assuming we have an audience on those nights…

  2. patti with an i

    Pooh. I see I’m not the first to weigh in with “My Fair Lady.”

    Was at a matinee of Scapin at ACT on Saturday afternoon, and Bill Irwin announced the score (while the game and the show were still both in progress) late in the second act from the stage. He’d apparently done so in an earlier performance as well.

  3. I knew you’d know, Mike! Happy to know you do too, patti with an i! 🙂

    I remember hearing announcements of scores in the past at various events. These days some people get upset when someone does that, because they go home to watch a recorded game and don’t want to know the outcome. Guess one has to figure out what’s best in that case, eh?

    How was Scapin, patti?