The director of Anna Bolena is looking for two (2) well-defined muscular men of impressive size to be two stags with antlers wrestling onstage shirtless and barefoot. Does anyone have someone they could recommend? We need them ASAP!


(I’m especially glad they clarified the “two” above by giving us the word AND the numeral. Whew.)

I’m not qualified, nor do I live near Dallas even if I did qualify. But maybe I have a reader in the area?

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Bet he couldn’t make an oboe reed!

(I wonder if the guy who plays with Symphony Silicon Valley next week will do this?)

Oh … and while I’m at it with the important stuff …


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…bit of a random question, but does anyone know an oboe player?! If you do, plse mssge me cos am trying to finish a competition piece n need an oboe player to see if what I’ve written is playable lol! :o)

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Would you believe I happened across both of these one following the other? So bizarre … and such different approaches, to be sure, but I will confess I enjoyed each. Honestly.

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They’ve started to harmonize!

Bruce Hembd of Horn Matters (oh REALLY?!) brought this to my attention. Thanks, Bruce!

I’m not sure I can listen to classical music after all!

Read online:

Listening to classical music is an art. It requires close and accurate attention, sympathy, imagination and genuine culture. Listening to classical music is an art of high degree. Many derive exquisite enjoyment from it, for classical music is potent and universal in its appeal. To listen intelligently to classical music is an accomplishment few have acquired. Those who are fortunate enough to have been surrounded from childhood up by the choicest gems of the tonal language, and whose minds are of the deceptive order, will insensibly attain a refinement of taste and delicacy of perception no learned dissertation on classical music could afford.

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Oboe boot camp? Do you yell and swear at your students, make them play in the rain and do scales until they puke?

… and of course I also like oboe!

David Cyzak sent me these. He is the oboist you hear:

Anyone else want to share some music with me? I can’t guarantee I’ll post everything, but you never know!

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I think I would have gone, had I known in time to make plans, cancel students, and drive down there. Rats!

LA Opera Announces Free Public Outdoor Screenings of Daniel Catán’s Il Postino!
Downtown Los Angeles Saturday, October 9, at 7:30pm, at California Plaza
Costa Mesa Monday, October 11, at 7:00pm, at the Orange County Performing Arts Center

LA Opera’s first public outdoor screenings are presented in collaboration with Grand Performances
and the Orange County Performing Arts Center

Admission is free to the public for both screenings and no tickets are required for entrance. Both screenings will feature a performance of Il Postino filmed at 2:00pm on October 9. The running time is approximately two hours and fifty minutes, including a 20-minute intermission. The opera is sung in Spanish with English subtitles. Cast members are expected to make live appearances at both venues.


California Plaza
7:30pm, Saturday, October 9
Located in downtown Los Angeles on Grand Avenue between 3rd and 4th streets
350 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071
For maps, directions, Metro Rail and parking information, please visit

Orange County Performing Arts Center
7:00pm, Monday, October 11
Guests are encouraged to bring beach chairs or other easily portable seating items.
Located in the heart of the Orange County Theatre District, just east of South Coast Plaza.
For directions and parking information, please visit