The director of Anna Bolena is looking for two (2) well-defined muscular men of impressive size to be two stags with antlers wrestling onstage shirtless and barefoot. Does anyone have someone they could recommend? We need them ASAP!


(I’m especially glad they clarified the “two” above by giving us the word AND the numeral. Whew.)

I’m not qualified, nor do I live near Dallas even if I did qualify. But maybe I have a reader in the area?


  1. I don’t know, Patty –

    Shirtless and barefoot, with antlers. That would be a sight!

    – Bob

  2. Gonna go for it, Bob? 🙂

  3. The famed Ballet Folklorico (Amalia Hernandez) of Mexico features a solo male dancer wearing only a loincloth with a deer’s rack attached to his head. Quite a sight. The choreography is spectacular on all counts. This gig plays every now & then in San Jose.