08. October 2010 · 7 comments · Categories: FBQD

what’s up with all the oboe teachers living in a white house with their pets?


  1. My house is green. I do have pets, though…

  2. Also, I am the only oboe teacher who lives here. Thus disproving ALMOST everything about the statement…

  3. Maybe others will join in, Jennet!

    Our house is some sort of nondescript odd beigeish color. I’ve never had a white house. We have no pets, aside from dust bunnies.

    Go figure.

  4. And I, too, am the only oboist in this house. And sometimes I wonder if I even qualify as an oboist! :-/

  5. Does Obama play oboe??

  6. Hmm – my house is brick, I have tropical fish and am the only oboist living here… there is a cellist in the house, however…

  7. I think Obama should play oboe AND make reeds. For all. That’s what I think.

    “A Good Oboe Reed For Ever Household” shoulda been his slogan.