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Thank you for giving us some honest ideas on dog insurance. I have discovered a great variety of honest information about dog insurance and some unreliable ideas. Do you have any more reliable suggestions or places on the Web that I can find more detailed ideas? This would be quite appreciated! Either way, keep up the good work!

Um. Okay then. Now you all know about my “real job”, eh?

Or not.

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I’m SOOOOOOOOOO MAD!! MY OBOE BROKE IN HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST FEEL LYK SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soaking a reed in the mouth is unacceptable. It will never produce good vibrations.

I’ve never really thought about the vibrations. I just use water because we have all sorts of yucky things in our mouths and who wants to put saliva in a reed when you don’t have to. They’ll be in the mouth soon enough! I also don’t think about soaking so much as letting the reed take a little dip. I will dip the reed in water, take it out and let it sit and think about life for a short while. No need to drown the poor thing! 😉

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the annoying neighbor kid is playing his stupid oboe again. let’s see who’s louder, kiddo. me and a7x or you and your stupid instrument.

Man, oboe can bring out the worst in some people. This girl is scary. (She lives in Germany, so I guess I’m safe.)

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I’m sure much more will follow, but here are a few links (I’ll probably just add to this entry when they start coming in):

Anthony Tommasini
ABC.net (au)
Sydney Morning Herald
more from Sydney Morning Herald

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Just for fun … Igudesman and Joo:

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I wanted to buy an oboe to start playing, and the cheapest yet still a good quality one I’ve seen is around ,500. What about instruments (oboes especially) make them so pricey?

Can you even imagine what a $500 oboe would be like? I suppose it would make a nice lampstand.

I read it here. Maybe someone would like to answer that question?!