There’s no such thing as background music in the movies, even the genre “silent film” is a misnomer, as live music would accompany every major (and most minor) films before the “talkies” came into existence, so by buying a ticket people were supporting live music! The same is true of the experience now in terms of how important music is to a film, I mean Darth Vader without the Imperial March is a respitorally challenged Halloween costume searching for an asthma inhaler, it’s the orchestra that makes him truly terrifying! Imagine the flying scene from Out of Africa without the music (it’s below!). Lord knows Lucas, Cameron and Spielberg understand the power and necessity of the Orchestra which they use one in every one of their films. They could endow a big part of our industry forever and barely feel it! Lord knows it helped endow them!

Do read the whole thing!. It’s not just about the movies.

So my little brain just went to the movies after reading that snippet and watching that clip. I started thinking of all the movie music that has become a part of my life. There’s quite a lot! We should start a list of both the music that is now very well known that was written originally for the movies. Think, for instance, of “Gabriel’s Oboe”. Or how about all the music that made it into the movies and is more popular because of that. Think — sorry to remind you! — of Pachelbel’s Canon. Or how about Barber’s Adagio for Strings or the slow movement to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21?

Anyone want to write up a list in the comments here? C’mon. You know you wanna! 🙂

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  1. I love movie music. It’s what I listen to most often.