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Bed bugs at the Met.

In addition to the bedbug outbreak at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, the insects have also been found at the complex’s Metropolitan Opera House, a spokesman for the opera confirmed today.

Of course I do remember the time when San Francisco Opera had an article about musicians getting scabies from some couch or something in the orchestra musicians’ room. That might be worse. Hmmm.

I suspect the above video is from quite a while ago, as the oboist, Sergey Finoedov, appears a bit older in this next one, filmed in 2007 (he was born in 1993):

And more recently (filmed in 2010):

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How Opera Won Me Over … check it out. Really enjoyable to read! (I’d post part of it here but then you might not read it and, well, that wouldn’t be a good thing now, would it?)

Okay … really I’m just too lazy to copy & paste at the moment.

Yeah. THAT lazy!

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Piazzolla: Oblivion
Jiyeon Park

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Ugh! Who knew Long Tones 1A could be hard to play on the oboe?! Almost mastered it 🙂

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Go here for more information.

Hmmm. Should I start a “let’s make a reed” for the world?

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Someone outside is playing “Still Alive” on what sounds like an oboe. Highly entertained.

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Please watch the entire thing (and thanks, dk, for alerting me to this one) …

So everyone knows the lyrics are normally something like “Why not an English horn, this note’s too high for me!” or something like that … I’ve heard variations on that theme. But now we must have new lyrics eh?

Why play this right side up? It more fun upside down!