I suspect the above video is from quite a while ago, as the oboist, Sergey Finoedov, appears a bit older in this next one, filmed in 2007 (he was born in 1993):

And more recently (filmed in 2010):


  1. Not to take away anything from a fabulous technique, his performance seemed to be about the performance, rather than the music. I heard more dazzle and awe than I heard of Mozart.

    (Though I concede, this is far from my favorite Mozart and maybe composed for just an approach).

    Maybe the slo mov’t would have changed my mind.

    All that aside, to watch this kid grow up into what he is today is awsome.

    But, again, I wonder what else he does with his life…


  2. You’ll notice I never critique. I only post! I let you all say the harsh stuff. 🙂

    (I’ve never liked the Mozart oboe concerto; I MUCH prefer the quartet!)

    But at 17? I was busy dating Dan and I’ll bet I wasn’t anywhere close to this level. 😎