I almost went where I should never go. Truly. This blog is to be encouraging. This blog is honest about my own fears and foibles. (Probably too honest!) But I don’t want to mock someone. And I almost did.

I had seen a video that I won’t even describe (but yes, it included oboe), and I was going to post it here with no comment whatsoever because, well, I’m nice that way and wouldn’t that make me look like I’m sort of innocent in the whole thing. After all, you might think I liked what I was posting … right?

And then, of course, who I am stared me straight in the face. Posting it at all would make everyone laugh. (Really.) And roll eyes. (Trust me.) And groan. (Loudly.) But it also would be mocking another human being. Someone I don’t even know (not that I want to mock people I know).

But my biggest confession is that I DID post it on Facebook for about a minute when it hit me in the face that I was doing exactly what I don’t want to do. Going somewhere I really don’t want to go.

So if I ever do mock someone on this site, aside from yours truly, you all have permission to hit me over the head. Really.

Of course I won’t stop mocking myself. There’s so much material with just little (big) old (truly) me … why go after anyone else, eh? 😎

So instead, I bring you the following. Because it is sweet. And it made me smile. And smiling is nice:


  1. Made me more than smile. I laughed out loud (for real) several times.

    The Message has always been out there of course, but that was one of the cleverest deliveries I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks again, Patty for finding yet one more delightful WebMoment…

  2. You know me, Bob … I’d rather look for these than, say, make REEDS! 🙂