I JUST read this:

Thomas Stacy has retired from the New York Philharmonic as its English horn player, having departed just weeks into the season. Mr. Stacy, who was with the orchestra for 38 years, appeared with it as a soloist more than 70 times and made numerous recordings and a name for himself as a leading proponent of the instrument.

Most orchestra players retire at the end of the season. Mr. Stacy, 72, and a native of Arkansas, said the timing was “a mutual thing.” “I’m very happy about this,” he said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I had an amazingly happy time at the Philharmonic musically and personally, plus the bonus of seeing a huge part of the world on tour.” Mr. Stacy’s departure comes as the Philharmonic appears likely to hire Ricardo Morales, the Philadelphia Orchestra’s principal clarinetist, to replace its longtime first clarinet player, Stanley Drucker.

Too doggone good!

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hey wats up p.s. I HATE THE OBOE!!!:(

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Another scam was sent to me:

I am Andrea Barton,I came across your advert that you are a music teacher, i will like my children to join your private class.Kindly let me know more information about you and your past teaching experience.

I have 2 children Mabel & Scott of 12 & 13 years old,just want to know if they can join your private class. I will want you to let me know if you can teach teens beginner,because as a beginner they are also just interested in learning the basics.Also i will want to know your lesson charges per hour, because i want 16 hours for them to study this course with you,consist one hour lesson a day, twice in a week for 8 weeks. Please let me hear from you so that well make an arrangement on when to begin lessons.

Notice it never mentioned oboe? Notice it doesn’t list what school the children attend nor does it state where they live? (Sometimes the email will say “my child (or children) will be coming to your area, and get no more specific than that!) Nor does it mention my name, although some do manage to do that. In any case, the best thing to do with these is ignore them or post them at your blog to notify others of the scam. Trust me, this can’t be real!

But on a happier note, yet another opera company jumped into the market marketing thing last June, and those always make me smile, even while it’s old news by now. I only spotted it today:

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I just can’t see my mom wearing this, but I’ll leave it up to her!

Maybe, instead, I need a cap that reads, “Proud oboist of a mother” or something.

Except I really fear an over abundance of pride. So maybe not.

(I’d put this image up here, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Sorry!)

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How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: MNOrch Edition

So, last week, shortly after I started hurling free concert tickets around the internets, I got the sweetest e-mail from a band teacher down near Rochester, Minnesota, who didn’t want to ask for his tickets on the blog, lest a certain someone see his request…

I just read your posting regarding this Friday’s concert. My girlfriend and I are huge fans (and frequent guests of MnOrch). Her favorite symphony is Dvorak’s 8th, and I have been planning on proposing to her following this concert since the schedule came out last winter. A free ticket would be a wonderful addition to our night; she has NO IDEA that this is coming but will be thrilled, especially given the beautiful forecast (since I’ll be proposing outside on the mall).

Click on the link above to read the whole story!

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Since I’m in the dance mode this week with Giselle:

She sounds like one of the singing chipmunks. At least to my ear.

And shoot, these guys use FANS:

Of course then there are the humans who wanna be robots:

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Overheard in office: “He’s probably the top dog in the Welsh oboecommunity.”

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I love mariachi. I love opera. This could be great!

The Houston Grand Opera’s 41st world premiere on Nov. 13 will be a historic one — the occasion marks the world’s first-ever mariachi opera.

I read it here.

Here the director talks about the opera:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Seems like something we could do here in San José, yes?

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Both players and management have held that talent is the sole criterion for determining who gets into the Philadelphia Orchestra. The process is “squeaky clean,” in the words of one former orchestra leader.

There can be no prejudice or favoritism, they argue, since auditions happen behind screens.

Except when they don’t.

Morales auditioned not only without a screen, but in public, when he played concerts with the New York Philharmonic. Philadelphia Orchestra principal bassoonist Daniel Matsukawa also exposed his identity for all to see when he recently auditioned (unsuccessfully) for the Los Angeles Philharmonic in concert, and the Philadelphia followed the same path in its previous search for a concertmaster.

When orchestral musicians feign perplexity on the question of why orchestras aren’t more diverse – but we use audition screens! – the disingenuousness is insulting.

But the orchestra regularly asks us to accept an equally ludicrous proposition: that when auditions draw hundreds of aspirants, the most qualified musician just happens to be related to someone already in the organization. Morales has two relatives in the orchestra: his wife, second violinist Amy Oshiro-Morales, who joined in 2008, and sister-in-law Dara Morales, who came aboard in 2007.

More than a dozen members of the orchestra are related to each other – not counting several more who were, until recent retirements or resignations, entangled in one way or another.

On balance, has the hiring of spouses, partners, children, and in-laws been justified by first landing their stupendously talented relatives?