If information is embedded in the concert format, pitched at the right level and done in a way which creates a rapport with the players, a younger audience can really appreciate live classical music.



Tom Service’s thoughts on this.

I have some, but I’m so incredibly tired at the moment I really must rest before I teach and play a ballet tonight.

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of what is called “Classical Revolution” … musicians playing (I believe for free?) in bars and cafés. Is this what people would prefer?

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We’re putting a cappella with a symphony orchestra. Well, you’ve never heard a cappella sound so good.

-Claude Morrison of The Nylons

I read it here.

Um. Okay. A capella with orchestra.

I think I like my a cappella … um … a cappella.

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Dude, wat u talkin about?! I don’t rock, I OBOE!!! C’mon, get it rite!!!

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As conductor Jonathan Shames enters the orchestra pit, first oboe then strings begin to tune, and the overture of one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last operas, “La Clemenza di Tito,” begins its operatic run…

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…the oboe is such a chick magnet haha

I don’t collect donations while I play, because on the most simple level, it pollutes the experience for myself and everyone listening….


It is fear that drives Dale Henderson down into the subways, lugging his large case.
“I caught some fear from some other musicians that classical music is dying and in 100 years there will be no more classical music. I can’t believe that’s true. I mean, it scares me to my soul if it were true.”
So he sits with his cello on a New York subway platform and plays Bach as a sort of CPR to keep his style of music alive.