I know, I know, it’s not oboe related. But hey, I found out that the Giants won the penant while sitting in the pit, so that counts for something, right?

I had to leave home when we were still tied, 2-2. Shortly before downbeat Uribe hit a home run, putting us ahead 3-2. But then the phone had to go off; we can’t have them even on silent because they cause problems with the sound (and while some scoff at that I once left my phone on silent and I did hear the speaker by the conductor — set up for him to hear the silly electronic voices we use in Nutcracker — make those funny sounds that they make when a phone is nearby). So the phone went off. And I had to concentrate on my job and making music and not be thinking about the game the entire time. (This is why, even if we were allowed to have our phones on, I’d have to turn mine off; I find it a distraction and I don’t need that!) But the minute we finished the first act it was right back on and … woo hoo! … we won!

The Giants won the penant! The Giants won the penant! The Giants won the penant!

One ballet tomorrow. Then I must concentrate very seriously on … well … the World Series!

Go Giants!!

German inmates serving long prison sentences indulged themselves together with local students in staging a Mozart opera inside prisons, concluding their last of five shows near Frankfurt on Wednesday evening.

Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” was brought to life inside the prison walls.

The organizers, Maja Wolff, actress and comedian, and Ulrike Pfeifer, a musician, have alluded that they will bring the show out to the public by next year.

The final show, in the prison’s gymnasium, was attended by 80 inmates and outside guests under close supervision by guards.

Inmates of different sexes had to rehearse separately, so the opening night’s rehearsal was the first time they met each other.


This reminds me of Shawshank Redemption … although they weren’t putting on an opera (and the music below is from Marriage of Figaro) … but Mozart in Prison …

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Ok, 3 instruments I want to be godly at…. Oboe, Cello and Piano. Just saying…. I will make it my lifes goal to be amazing at each of these…. starting…. Tomorrow.

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I played in the oboe very badly in high school. They called me the dying duck.