… nothing will.

I guess today is the day for a couple of very moving stories.

Some quotes:
When we can play it can’t be so terrible. The music! The music!

Every day is beautiful.

Hatred brings only hatred.

This, from a 106 year old Holocaust survivor.

My reaction on life … all the complaints “this is terrible” … it’s not so terrible.
(And I should stop my whining. Really.)

Dancing Under The Gallows:

Another survivor’s words: You can actually have music in your head without anybody knowing it is happening.


  1. I think we posted this at the same time! Great minds, eh? 🙂 … I was in tears through parts of this… SUCH a great video. I’m so glad someone caught her on tape like this.

  2. It really is something else. So much I could learn from this woman!

  3. what a beautiful soul.

    happy birthday in november ms. alice and many more years of playing and being a beautiful soul.
    …i am so happy i heard your story and heard you play. it has made my day many times over.

  4. I’m glad to read this, Victoria!