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Are there any flute, clarinet, and oboe trios?
They have to be free music. Pls give me the web site! Thnx!

If something is in the public domain it is free. If something has been more recently composed don’t you think the composer deserves to be paid for the work?

Of course free is … well … free. Sometimes it’s worth about that much, too. Not always, mind you, but I do think a lot of what I’ve seen out there that’s free isn’t all that great.

Only two operas left before we have a break, but tonight it’s San Francisco Opera‘s Cyrano De Bergerac with Placido Domingo.

I’m looking forward to hearing Domingo from the audience. I’ve heard him before, but I was seated behind him, playing English horn. I can’t even remember when it was, but I seem to recall it was an arena performance … [insert pause here] … yes indeed, it was April 2, 1995. I read about it here. I wish I could actually remember more of the thing. I remember he was very nice. I remember we did some Spanish songs. But that’s about it!

It’s nice to have this article, though, and I now know that we did the Pavarotti concert only the year prior, in 1994. Man, those are such distant memories. (This also makes me wonder if the Domingo concert was the one at which the conductor tripped and fell face first down on stage. I’ve always thought it was a the Pavarotti concert, but I’m now thinking I was wrong about that … any readers out there remember?)

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Double tonguing on oboe= ridiculous. Learning how to actually do it = priceless

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Okay … check out this one. Or this one. Or this.

Oboe does seem to make it into comics now and then. Do people think we are … well … comical? 😎

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More from the group I posted yesterday.

A bit ‘o Magic Flute …

Ensemble Berlin Christoph Hartmann – Oboe, Mor Biron – Fagott, Philipp Bohnen – Violine, Luiz Coelho – Violine, Martin von der Nahmer – Viola, Clemens Weigel – Cello, Ulrich Wolff – Kontrabaß

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I was sorry to cancel my Opera News subscription, but I have decided to stop subscribing to hard copy magazines. I would gladly subscribe if they went digital. I wrote to them to tell them, but they said “Can’t do it … many subscribers wouldn’t like it.” I suggested they make it an option rather than an “only” kind of deal, but I didn’t hear back. So no more Opera News for me. Rats. I really did enjoy the publication.

Now I read that Gramaphone has gone digital. They are, to quote them, “The world’s authority on classical music since 1923” … and also provide “The World’s Best Classical Music Reviews”. Those are big claims. (But hey, I claim to be the World’s Worst Reed Maker™, so there!)

Here’s a portion of the announcement I was sent:

Haymarket’s Gramophone goes digital in time for Dame Joan Sutherland issue

London, 2nd November 2010, Gramophone, the world’s best source for classical music reviews, news, interviews and features, is now available as a digital edition, through Exact Editions.

UK and US digital editions can be viewed
here (UK) and here (US).

Annual digital subscriptions will be offered, including an ever-growing online archive, and the ability to view it on the iPhone and iPad.

Sharon Todd at Haymarket says “Gramophone has seen a lot of changes since its inception in 1923. Its commitment to the best classical music however has remained unwavering. We’re delighted to offer Gramophone’s 21st century readers an additional way of enjoying it.”

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director at Exact Editions says “it’s a great tribute to Dame Joan Sutherland that the November issue celebrating the life of La Stupenda, has coincided with the launch of the digital edition. Now subscribers can read all about one of the greatest sopranos, and most beloved artists, of the 20th century, via the Exactly app.”

I’ll be checking out the first issue of the online Gramaphone, as I’ve been provided with a “copy” (guess I should call it a “link” instead?). If more magazines did this I think I’d be very tempted to get an iPad at some point.

Side Note: Hmm. Why isn’t Apple sending me an iPad to review? I get CDs from folks sometimes. I get books as well. I’m getting one copy of Grammaphone. I’d be more than happy to help Apple out and review an iPad. I would think they would really want the World’s Worst Reed Maker™ to review it, you know? I would review it for free. I could call it A Reeder’s Perspective™ which is about as clever as I can be when I’ve had only half of my latté. But really … why would they want to skip this?

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A rogue dryer sheet has found its way into my oboe case. Every time I open it, I feel clean.