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I’m a self taught improvisational musician, I’ve recently converted to appreciating classical music.

The Colburn School Saturday, January 24, 2009 School Recital. “Divertimento for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet” by Malcolm Arnold with Meera Gudipati, flute; Steven Robles, oboe; and James Calix, clarinet.

… and answered … but what do you think of the answer?

Q: Why can’t you have double reed instruments in marching band?

A: Middle and Highschool bands frequently have more limited instrumentation and fewer parts (for example, no double reeds) This is both to limit the difficulty for inexperienced players and b/c schools frequently don’t have access to these instruments.

I know that at least one reader has said he DID march, but I am really opposed to marching oboes and bassoons and it has nothing to do with “limited instrumentation”.

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[name here] acts like he was born playing the oboe – after one week! What’s up with that??

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Okay then …

Composer Jerry Bock died today. You can read about him here.

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Giovanni Gabrieli Sonata pian e forte arranged by William Waterhouse

University of Colorado at Boulder, College, Bassoon studio of Yoshiyuki (Yoshi) Ishikawa, 2008:

Choir 1: Brian Jack, Michael Christoph, Michelle? Jones, Kent Hurd, Tyler Sherban, Mattthew Cullen

Choir 2:James Massol, Ethan Turner, Patricia Fagan, Amanda Hofer, Ben Cefkin, Kaori Uno

(For more information click on the video and it’ll take you to the YouTube page.)

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I was sent a lovely email by a reader (hello Nate!) and he reminded me that this is National Opera Week. I had meant to post something … or somethingS … and then forgot. Ah well, I am certainly experiencing opera this week!

Last night was Cyrano De Bergerac, with Placido Domingo, at San Francisco Opera. Man, that guy can still sing. It’s not just that he gets the notes … he’s just so naturally musical about what he does with them. And the soprano, Ainhoa Arteta, was fantastic. Between the two of them I was wrapped in wonderfully musical, warm voices. I couldn’t quite wrap myself around the entire opera itself; Alfano is new to me, and there were moments of Respighi, movie music, and even one spot of Wagner-esque music. Some of the opera is just heavenly. Other parts I was (not literally) scratching my head. But if I could return I would; I’d love to hear those voices again, and I suspect more listens would help me understand the work more. (I do have a recording, so I suppose that will have to suffice, as I certainly can’t afford to go back right now.)

Today Opera San José‘s orchestra rehearsal for Tosca takes place. (Yep, just one, but we do have a total of six rehearsals with the singers.) Three hours for us to master the music before singers come in the door. I’m looking forward to doing the work, as long as my ear quiets down a bit — today is a very noisy ear day, and this means that I’ll be moving into VertigoLand™ soon. Not a pleasant thing, but what can be done? Not much!

Meanwhile, when Nate contacted me about National Opera Week he also supplied me with a link to an Opera Company of Philadelphia video. The chorus surprised Macy’s shoppers with the Hallelujah Chorus. I’m sort of surprised myself … not by the “flash performance” but by the choice of music. I would have thought they’d do something from an opera. But in any case, here it is (and thanks again, Nate!):

This was part of Knight Arts Random Acts of Culture … something I only read about via the video above.

They say more videos can be found here, so I’m now on my way to check that out!

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I had forgotten about the oboe solo in “I got you babe.” what an insane instrumental choice that was. Thank you #MadMen closing credits.