04. November 2010 · Comments Off on Where Is The Energy Store? · Categories: Ramble

I made it through today, but truth be told I really didn’t have all that much to do. Aside from sweeping up in front of the house in the morning, I did nothing else worthwhile. Then I had a 3 hour opera rehearsal. Getting home I did a bit more sweeping (no, I’m not obsessive about this; someone had finally moved her car from in front of our house so I could clean up the mess there), and then I taught all of one student.

But for the entire day I had no energy. It was especially difficult to get through the rehearsal; I didn’t feel fully there, and I didn’t feel as if I could focus clearly on what I had to do.

Sooooo … where does one go to get some energy?

And a reed or two?

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