So is this how all of you do this? (I just take my oboe in to be serviced.)

Part 1:

Part II:


  1. But in an emergency, just call the man from OboeRooter™.

  2. Nope. It’s worth a 2-hour each way drive to the repair shop for this. I used to have one of those octave vent removers. Not messing with that anymore!!

  3. Hmmmm. That took a really long time.

  4. Hey! Just like everything else: Practice, Practice, Practice.

    Remember the first reed you made – the first one that worked…

  5. Gee, I forgot to put up Part II … sorry!

    And yeah, it did seem to take a long time. I assumed he was just showing everything very carefully for us. Or maybe he was just enjoying listening to the music and wanted all of us to enjoy it as well!

  6. It takes a lot less time if you don’t fiddle with the cotton ball & the whittled stick. Too much risk of getting a wayward cotton strand lodged in the tone hole.I use a bocal/staple brush (plastic bristles) to swab out the tone holes & a single bristle from a plastic bristled kitchen brush to clean the pin hole. Works great. About 10 minutes per hole (five minute soak of each insert in 91% isopropyl alcohol) It’s really a piece of cake. The essential tool is the insert remover; Dan Ross has the best price.



  7. I wondered, John, about that cotton … I would worry about that as well.

    I guess I should really do this kind of thing myself. But I probably won’t. Lazy me.