How do i clan my oboe?
Ok so my oboe has dried spit in it and my swab dosen’t get it out. Is there anything I can use that will be safe to clean it? I’m afriad of putting it into water because the pads will get wet

I’m sure the writer mean “clean” … typos happen.

Go ahead, help her out, won’t you?


  1. Er, I have never cleaned the inside of my oboe. I swab plenty, but that’s it. I am now suddenly feeling like a slob. But I will definitely NOT dunk my oboe in water!

  2. Try running your oboe through a dishwasher cycle. Just be sure you put it in the top rack. And use the “energy saver” mode.

    (just kidding, folks)

  3. OH NO, Bill! I’ve always put mine on the Pots & Pans cycle. Ruh-roh!

    Gabrielle, do not despair. You are young. You can change. But you might want to run the oboe through a car wash this first time …? Be sure and ask for a wax too.

  4. Seriously, though –

    If you are really concerned you can pull a *damp* swab through the bore a few times. If you dampen it with hydrogen peroxide you will even sanitize it.

    The concern with water really isn’t the pads. It’s the shafts along which the keys are strung, which might rest if immersed in water.

    For what it’s worth, I have never felt the need wo wash the bore of my oboes…

  5. I’ll bet you meant “rust” Bob, but maybe they like to “rest” too?! 😉

    Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking (writing) about?!

  6. If I played as badly as I type, I would never gotten a job…

  7. Heh … typos R us!! (If you read this blog you KNOW I’m good with they typo thing!)