But some oboe players will!

This was just posted recently. If you want to see the entire thing and live in near Rice, here’s some info:

WindSync’s production of selections from West Side Story, arranged by Tracy Jacobson and Kevin Pearl. To see the full production, our concert will be December 5, Duncan Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston TX. Please look at our website for booking info. www.windsync.weebly.com


  1. That is really wonderful. And no easy accomplish given the amount of music and choreography they memorized!

    I sure wish I could be there for the show. Maybe we can see a DVD version after they do the concert. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find the score and choreography available for rental soon. That’s an awful lot of work to do for a single performance…

    And who says you can’t march with an oboe? Huh??

  2. This is dancing, not marching! (teashing you, of course!) Heh … now Bob, everyone says *I* can’t dance with an oboe (meaning ME, yours truly) … but everyone says I can’t dance, period! 😉

    I do hope they put together a full version. How clever these kids are! (The do Harry Potter and some other things as well.)