Do teachers out there talk to their students about what I call “glitches”? You know … the notes that appear between notes because students aren’t properly coordinating finger movements? I only ask because I’m sure hearing a lot of glitches from students I work with. I’m wondering if I’m overly picky. I know some students think I’m hounding them too much. But I find these glitches distracting, ugly, and very annoying.

Many students I get after they’ve already studied with someone else don’t hear them initially. It’s not because they aren’t there. It’s because they aren’t listening! Honestly!

I have students play scales, and after a scale I sometimes ask, “What did you hear?” I want to hear them point out their glitches if possible. I can’t tell you how many times I get a blank look. I then ask, “Were you even listening?” Would you believe they sometimes tell me they weren’t listening? Go figure!

Anyway, I do hope I’m not the only glitch grinch! I hate ’em. I will always hate ’em. So there.

So what do you do, dear students? Duh. Listen! See if you can hear a particular note between two notes. Say, for instance, you are playing B flat to B. If you hear an A first you are lifting your right index finger too quickly. If you hear a C, you are lifting your left middle finger too quickly. Sometimes it’s not quite so simple, but you can fix these glitches. Honestly!

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… I’m not talking about the era. I’m talking about the more broad term. I ran across this video below, and it says that it is break dancing to classical music. I am not being snobby or anything … I’m just wondering how we determine if something is “classical” or not. Do tell!

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Musica : Caminho dos Mouros (oboe jazz)
Autor e interpretação: Ivan Meyer

Jouvanca Jean-Baptiste is Tosca. Really. She owns this part! She did a wonderful job on opening night, and I look forward to three more performances with her!

Here’s a fun video with Jouvanca:

… and they don’t give her parking? I’m … well … sort of stunned! Really.

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the only thing i love about school right now is: my oboe. <3

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We saw an oboe playing hamster in 2009 Now we see (and hear) another.

I honestly don’t care. I just want a reed making hamster.

This is from the Sibelius site. Someone is asking this question:

The lowest note of an Oboe is Aflat below middle C but in Sibelius, if I create an ‘Oboe’ part from “Create -> Instruments” I can go down another octave and hear samples for those notes.

So, why is that ?

Hmmm. Low A&#9837?! That’s even lower that this blogger’s oboe plays!

The person who answered did suggest that the oboe only goes down to a low B&#99387 (sorry Alison!) and then explained that the program includes bass oboe range.

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The major regret I have in life is never learning to play an instrument… I’d be immense at the oboe

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This made me smile. A lot! Too much fun!

Here’s a slightly older work: