Jouvanca Jean-Baptiste is Tosca. Really. She owns this part! She did a wonderful job on opening night, and I look forward to three more performances with her!

Here’s a fun video with Jouvanca:

… and they don’t give her parking? I’m … well … sort of stunned! Really.


  1. You know OSJ… only the orchestra is important enough to get parking! 🙂

  2. Ah Mike, you do know how to make me feel guilty, don’t you?

  3. Sorry, not my intent at all!! You have been very supportive of the singers (including the chorus) getting parking in the past, and I really appreciate it. I wish OSJ management agreed with you on that point, but such is life.

  4. I did learn an interesting tidbit, Mike. it is our symphony who takes care of our parking. THEY provide it for opera. How ’bout that?! I hadn’t a clue, but asked at the last symphony concert because I wondered how the parking card vouchers even worked. So I guess it’s no wonder we get it; opera didn’t have to do anything! Now if any singers are good friends with symphony management maybe they could talk to them about getting parking as well …? I wonder!

  5. Huh. That’s really interesting!

  6. Yeah, I was quite surprised when i found that out. I guess Andrew likes taking care of us, even when we are doing other jobs. 🙂