“The Strumstick has no wrong notes”

There’s something very cool sounding when you get four bassoons together, don’t you think?

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[name here] feels like a nerd lookin up oboe fingerings

It says “Three Guys and a Lady” … and I see four guys. I’m so troubled by this … 😉

Once more, a bassoonist is having fun. Figures. But I just know we oboists can have fun too. I won’t stop believin’ it. Really.

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Read online:

Three hot classical music chicks talk fashion and international fame

Yeah. We “girls” have really come a long way.

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So tired I got too much happenin today lol I can never get my scales right 🙁 (on oboe) I’m stressed-alot isn’t fair anyway good night xx

Very fun. (There are a couple of references they don’t note … can you catch ’em?)

This is by Arne Running. He and I have communicated in the past; he has some very clever pieces that I think are great for recitals.

Quodlibet from “Aria and Quodlibet” by Arne Running. Performed by Stephanie Patterson (Oboe), Heather McGarvey (English Horn), and Rachel Bicheler (Flash Cards) at SUNY Fredonia’s Woodwind Area Recital on 11/15/10.