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Ten years to reach the Beatle’s song
no longer seems so very long —
It seems as years keep disappearing
it’s not as bad as I was fearing
I’ve now reached milestone fifty-four;
I’ll see you ’round for many more!

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[name here] spent 15 minutes doing practice just on the oboe reed – and my lips are worn out!

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Bach Violin Concerto in E Major (3rd movement) on Mandolin, Guitar & Bass (BWV 1042)

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Professional oboe players suffer from brain damage.

to me
at 53
was young and free.

no more
now 54
I think
I’m just a bore!


(I doubt I’ll put up any more goofy poetry … but you never know! This IS how I handle being another year older, after all.)


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Inside I feel the same as yesterday
the insecurities will rage, and fears
that I had dreamed would disappear still play
their dirty tricks (although I don’t shed tears
the way I would have in my younger days).
Give thanks for lessons learned! For all the years
have taught me multitudes of clever ways
to turn from nervousness and switch the gears.

No sadness here, no time for that, no more!
I’m proud to say I’ve just turned fifty four!