Want to read about the principal oboists of the Boston Symphony Orchestra? C’mon … you know you do! Just go here and scroll to the oboe section of the page.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find this information for all major orchestras? Even better would be to have sound clips for each player. Of course that’s asking a lot … but I love to ask a lot of others.


  1. Interesting anecdotes along the way! But they didn’t do a lot of proofreading…reading about former principal bassoonists, I found that:

    Raymond Allard, rather than the German bassoon models (e.g. Heckel) used in many American orchestras later, used exclusively the Buffet-Crampon oboe (no white ring).

    Following his studies with George Barry, Richard Svoboda performed for ten seasons as Principal bassoon with the Jacksonville (Florida) Symphony. In the 1989-1990 season, Richard Svoboda was selected as Principal horn of the Boston Symphony following on from Sherman Walt.

    Or maybe bassoonists are just that versatile? 😉

  2. Oh funny! I only skimmed the oboe portion. You know … the stuff that really matters!