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Please do go read the entire thing (although I must warn you it’s white letters on black background; that’s a killer for my eyes!):

Growing up as a musician that plays classical music has been interesting because for the most part, I was always in the minority when it comes to what music I feel most connected to. As a result, I tend to be a bit on the shy side when it comes to presenting the music I play, especially when it’s a recording that isn’t recording-studio perfect. But in this situation I didn’t say anything at all before playing the recording – I didn’t apologize, didn’t make excuses, didn’t explain anything about the pieces. And what happened? We had a bunch of women listening to music that they didn’t all know, smiling, and humming along. They weren’t classical music buffs, they were young and old, they were enjoying listening to the music I love so much. And did they hear the foibles, the passages that weren’t as expressive, the blemishes? I don’t believe they did. They were listening for music, not for imperfection.

Erica Ann Sipes is a pianist and a cellist.

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