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Now here’s a story with a-peel: A Japanese fruit company has been playing Mozart to its ripening bananas, claiming it produces a sweeter product, the Japan Times reported Thursday.

And that’s not all — the paper says a wide variety of food and beverages in Japan have been enjoying exposure to classical music, including soy sauce, udon noodles, miso and even sake.

In fact, the sake is downright persnickety when it comes to composers. At Ohara Shuzo brewery, senior managing director, Fumiko Ohara told the paper the classical musical experiment began over 20 years ago when the president, Kosuke Ohara, came across a book about brewing with music. They experimented with jazz, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, among others.

“We found Mozart works best for sake,” Ohara said, “and that’s why we use only his music.”

Hmmm. Mozart works best for sake’s sake!

I read it here.

Soooo … let’s see … what can we say about classical music?

… and they say classical music is on its way out?

There are so many uses for what I do! I think my career should be just fine once they figure out it really requires live musicians for all these things.


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