I could have sworn I posted this a while back, but since I can’t locate it I’ll post it now. Maybe I simply forgot!

The young oboist’s name is Anastasia Alesyk, but I know nothing more. If you read Russian and the start of the video gives any info I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Vladimir Gurevich


    Here is the translation:
    Alesjuk Anastasia Denisovna (that is Last name, First name and Patronymic)
    5th grade student
    Republican Educational Complex-Gymnasium (an elite school, that is) under the auspices of Byelorussian State Music Academy

    Concertmaster: Trubkina Margarita Igorevna

    This is all very official.

    Apparently she is fairly well known and there is a lot of info in Russian. She got a special scholarship from Vladimir Spivakov (one of the most prominent Russian Musicians, “Moscow Virtuosi”) and was participating in many international concerts. Here is an official picture: http://www.newsru.co.il/pict/big/402951.html

    Also, from that same source comes the official biography (a little outdated, I guess). http://rozumfund.ru/deti.pdf It is in Russian and her official bio is on page 9. She was born in 1999 in a musical family and started oboe at the age of 5 in that elite school. The rest enumerates various awards she got.

    Hope, this helps. Really cool.

  2. Thank you so very much!

    She’s one talented young lady, to be sure! I hope she also loves what she is doing.

    I really appreciate your help in translating for me and filling me in on even more. MANY thanks!