How come a lot of Classical Music fans are ignorant about Rock music?

Is Rock music considered musically inferior or something?

Um. Couldn’t this go both directions? I would think ….


  1. It was an interesting semester for me. I walked into it as a classical musician with a background that was 90% classical in nature… I ended up TA’ing both an American Roots Music and a Popular Music course, and boy were my eyes opened. I have discovered so much amazing music as a result of it. I believe that most classical musicians never have the opportunity to experience rock/pop music from the lens of a scholar… and that is generally the lens in which they’ve learned what they already love. It makes all the difference in the world.

  2. Having kids who listened to thing other than classical, I have heard a lot of music. Some I love. Some I don’t. One took a history course on The Grateful Dead. Another took a Popular Music course. I heard a bit about both. I like what I like. Some is popular (although I must say it’s not usually the top pop stuff) and some is not.

    But my issue with the quote above is that it clearly goes both directions. The majority of people that are pop music lovers know little about classical music too. It’s just the way it goes … to me it’s not such a big deal.

    But I’m just an oboe player! 🙂