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Another performer, who played oboe but lost three fingers on his playing hand in an accident, recently had a customized oboe commissioned to accommodate his lost fingers, according to O’Riley.

Okay … um … which is the “playing hand”?

But mostly I’d love to know more about this musician and his oboe. I’ve always just assumed that if one lost fingers that would be the end of the oboe. I’m hoping to read more about this somewhere.

I read it here.

Found this:

We also do a where-are-they-now show twice a year, in which we will play with the kids who have previously appeared on the show. Some of the follow-up stories are quite fascinating. There was this young oboe player who lost three fingers in his right hand in a kitchen accident and went to University of Southern California with an ambition to learn French horn; there, he actually found a way to design an oboe that he would be able to play with the remaining fingers, so now he can continue to play the oboe.

Wow. I’m impressed! I’d love to see this oboe he’s designed!

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