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A bombshell for local woodwind aficionados and for regular listeners of the Atlanta Symphony: Patrick McFarland, 71, the orchestra’s principal English horn player, resigned yesterday after 47 years of service. It was a sudden announcement that surprised his colleagues.
Asked about his decision, McFarland replied, “There were several reasons, not the least was burnout. I don’t want to be hanging around when I’m not playing my best, and I wanted to go out ahead of it, before I lost it.”
Technically, he is now on medical disability, but he says he has no plans to return to the Symphony Hall stage. “It’s just plain time to hang it up,” he said.

I read it here.

I have Mr. McFarland on recording … he really is a fine player. And wow … 47 years of service!

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I’m moving from Opera San José‘s Tosca production to a Symphony Silicon Valley set. I’m moving from principal oboe to second oboe. I’m moving from one work (albeit a full opera) by one composer to a concert with five works and four composers on the program. I’m moving from pit to stage.

Lots of moving.

If you want to read a bit about the Mozart Horn Concerto our own principal horn player, Meredith Brown, is playing, start here.

Oh, I’m probably also moving from bad reed to … well … bad reed. I am, sadly, in unhappy ReedLand™.

I’ve decided to give you a break from BQODs, TQODs, FBQDs and possibly MQODs (this last one might change) unless they are Advent or Christmas related.

Are you breathing a huge sigh of relief? I’ll bet!

But of course they’ll be back January 1, 2011. Just you wait and see!

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