I’ve heard from three people, saying they miss the various QODs I put up. Hmmm. Shall I bring ’em back for December? It’s easy enough to do. I just thought maybe you’d all like a reprieve.

In other news … reeds are not happy these days. (Okay, when are MY reeds ever happy?) It’s rather cold here — and yes, I know we Californians don’t really understand true cold! — and I think they rebel against cold. Poor babies. I’ll be back at ’em later today, before our third (of four) rehearsals for Symphony this weekend. Surely some will decide they want to behave.

I’ve had a cough now for over a week. This is getting old. Last week and this Monday students opted out of lessons (I always email to warn them if I have a cold). This starts to eat into my income, as you might imagine. Still, having a few extra days off was sort of nice. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I teach every day but Sunday, and Sunday I frequently have concerts, so I often have work every day. Right now my next free day is Christmas. That’s how it works with our musical lives. We might not be out of our houses and at work for a 9-5 job, but we do work more days than most, and of course we have to take our work home with us all the time.

Still, I love my career! (Although recently I’ve thought about how there is no end in sight; retirement doesn’t seem like an option for a very long time. Notice how Pat McFarland stayed in the orchestra until he reached 71 and he still plans on keeping his store? That’s not uncommon!)

Meanwhile, it’s off to do errands. One of the great advantages of my profession is that I usually have mornings off. I never shop on weekends. It’s especially nice this time of year!

pattyramble™ over and out!


  1. Well, for the record I would love to see the qotd back, but I can wait til January if necessary! I am just waiting for Dec 19, when my big slog is over – I’m surprised you have students that last week! Hope your cold ends soon, that makes playing (and driving, and teaching) a misery.

  2. Guess I’ll have to decide, eh …?

    So far I DO have students until December 22. They usually are pretty good about lessons. I’ll then take off until January 3. I can use a break!

    My cold is definitely improving. Thanks!