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How are you doing today?I want a private lessons for my son (Sam) at your location. Sam is 16 year old boy and is ready to learn. Please I want to know your policy with regard to fees, cancellations, and make-up lessons. Also,get back to me with the total fees for 2 months lessons(4-hour lesson in a week) starting this month,Payment for the lessons will be made by Certified Cheque i hope is okey with you.

In addition,I want to know your area of specialization and the lessons location and your phone number.Looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested.

Thank you,
Mr Felix

They keep coming. I guess that means some people fall for them. Sad.

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I really need to get over my “issues” with ballet. Clearly I’m in the minority, and what with Nutcracker right around the corner, I just need to get over it. Really. It’s time. So I’m taking my cue from the very respectable Canadian Brass Quintet and grow up. If they can embrace it, so can I. Right?

… sorry about the end … it just cuts off. 🙁

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I’ve been pretty busy with my YouTube searching, and I must say you are in for some treats! Between the Advent music, the Double Reed Christmas (which begins this coming Monday) and, finally, Christmas day, you will be hearing a pretty amazing selection of music. Some is so unusual that you will be hearing it, I’m nearly certain, for the first time (unless you are as pathetic as I and spend your life doing searches!).

In case some of you aren’t away of this, each post I put up has at least one “tag” below. If you click on that tag, you then see any other posts I’ve put up with that tag. So, for instance, when you see the word “Advent” below and you click on it, you’ll be taken here. I’m guessing readers already know that, but just in case someone doesn’t … well … now you do!

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I’ve enjoyed them as I do my searching.

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Oboe d’Amore Concerto, BWV 1055 : II. Largetto
(played by a guitar ensemble)

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Gibbons: This is the Record of John
Choir of King’s College