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Well, okay, yeah, I watch it. And nearly every time I think, “WHY am I watching this?” But I continue … mostly because I like the character Sue so much. She says things we know people sometimes think but never say.

There’s an interview with the pianist, Brad Ellis, on the show. He’s a musician, and isn’t just faking the piano bit. He also doesn’t say a word. Too bad they don’t need an old oboist on the set. I could really play oboe and I’m promise not to say a word too!

All the musicians on the show are members of the musicians’ union. And I’ve worked with some of the actors who had to play the piano, so that even when the music was overdubbed, they were actually playing. But yeah, Jane Lynch didn’t even know I was a real musician. When we finally had a scene together, she said, “I thought you were an actor playing the piano.” And I said, “No, I’m a pianist playing an actor.” And she said something like, “We’re all just playing actors.”


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Can’t figure out what to purchase for your favorite oboist? If he or she doesn’t have the Alex Klein Vivaldi CD I highly recommend it! Mr. Klein is an amazing oboist. You really can’t go wrong with anything of his, but this (reissued) CD (and check out the price!) is quite stunning. I was sent a (yes, free!) CD … but believe me, I’m sent a lot of free things and I don’t tell folks to buy something if I don’t like it. (Notice I don’t do negative reviews … I simply don’t review things I’m not happy with, as I hate being a mean old lady.) If you click on the link to this CD you can also hear excerpts of some movements. Check it out!

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If you are new here, I want to welcome you! Yesterday my stat counter let me know I was getting more visitors than usual. I was pleasantly surprised!

Sooo … what about oboeinsight, eh? What is this place? This blog is mostly about me whining about reeds, posting goofy things, talking all things oboe, and being in other ways oh-so-strange. You will also find a lot of information via the pull down menus above. Check ’em out! (And fill me in on any changes if you are looking at any of the roster information, please!) I hope you new visitors check in again.

I also try to bring you in to the life and times of a professional musician. I’ve been in this biz since 1975 (wow … that makes me OLD, doesn’t it?!) and I’ve been steadily employed since then. Can you believe it? With all the unemployment in the country I’ve managed to stay employed. Wow.

I’m assuming many landed here because of my Advent postings. Every day at 00:00 (yeah, that’s how I set it up) a new YouTube video will appear. (And yes, it’s already all set up to go; I worked on this last month, knowing I might be busy with other things in December.) The music I am featuring is for Advent, and I began on the first Sunday of Advent, thus, it won’t line up with the traditional December Advent calendars, so don’t be shocked and worried that you lost a few days of your life somewhere without knowing. In addition, I’m posting other Christmas music I want to share, and come Christmas day you’ll get something new every half hour! Yes. Really.

So come back. Check things out. Send me a comment if you’d like. I love hearing from readers.

As of now my very brief time at Stanford University has ended. I was subbing for a friend who was out for this one quarter. I didn’t blog about it earlier, but now that I’ve finished up I just want to say that it was an absolute joy to teach there. I had two fantastic students. They treated me with respect. They played very well. And they even laughed at my crazy jokes. I will miss them both. I don’t think either of them read this blog, but if you do, please know, K & S, that I loved every lesson with you, and I’ll most definitely miss you.

Maria, hun er en jomfru ren (Mary, she was a virgin pure)
Bukkene Bruse