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Well, okay, yeah, I watch it. And nearly every time I think, “WHY am I watching this?” But I continue … mostly because I like the character Sue so much. She says things we know people sometimes think but never say.

There’s an interview with the pianist, Brad Ellis, on the show. He’s a musician, and isn’t just faking the piano bit. He also doesn’t say a word. Too bad they don’t need an old oboist on the set. I could really play oboe and I’m promise not to say a word too!

All the musicians on the show are members of the musicians’ union. And I’ve worked with some of the actors who had to play the piano, so that even when the music was overdubbed, they were actually playing. But yeah, Jane Lynch didn’t even know I was a real musician. When we finally had a scene together, she said, “I thought you were an actor playing the piano.” And I said, “No, I’m a pianist playing an actor.” And she said something like, “We’re all just playing actors.”


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