I love that woman’s voice! And I just get the feeling she is a lot of fun, too. (If I’m wrong, don’t tell me.) I also crack up at some things, like the dress pictured in this article.

I just ran across a YouTube video of her mother giving her a lesson:

And here she is accompanying an oboist:


  1. Thanks for posting this heavenly performance! Who cares about insomnia when there’s music like this to listen to?

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Stephen … but I am sorry about the insomnia!

  3. The song at the end of the first video (Sposa…) is my absolute favorite of hers – well, until I heard the second here. Is there any higher place to go musically? More heavenly, I mean. Accompanying the oboe, indeed. 😉 Glorious. Thank you.