“There are a lot of ways in which people are basically alike, but the experience of chills isn’t one of them,” said the authors. “Some people seem to have never experienced chills while listening to music — around 8% of people in our study — but other people experience chills basically every day. Findings like these are what the make the study of personality and music interesting — music is a human universal, but some people get a lot more out of it.”


What I really want to know, though, is whether other people get that horribly yucky feeling in the pit of their stomach when they hear music that pains them.

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Well … or maybe not. (It takes a bit of time to get to the insturmentalist … if you want to skip the beginning go to 1:07.)

Once again, confusion regarding the woodwind family!

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Angels We Have Heard On High
Oxymora: Craig Matovich, oboe & percussion; Wayne Dooley, midi guitar, midi keyboard; Jim Baird, bass

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but well worth the listen (and watch) … many thanks to Chris Foley for bringing this to my attention!

I’m impressed! Piano AND a woodblock, eh? I had to play claves and woodblock on a piece a few years back. For some reason I felt much more exposed when playing the percussion, even while I was heard just as well on the oboe part.

They also play air piano pretty well:

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The 65-centimeter-long oboe belongs to the woodwind instruments and has a so-called double-reed as a mouthpiece.

Man, that so-called double-reed sure can be trouble!

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Classical musicians are beginning to open our minds to change. Perhaps we would have balked at the idea of performing the Itkin Nutcracker reduction 10 or 15 years ago. We’re beginning to ponder the notion that flexibility may be required of us if we want to remain employed as musicians. And I think it’s safe to say that all of us are more appreciative of the work we’re offered, since we can no longer take it for granted.

-Betsy Sturdevant, Principal Bassoonist of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

I read it here, and it’s oh-so-true.

… and, I’m guessing, at tempi I would love to play someday!

I do have vague memories of my very first time playing The Nutcracker. I remember loving the music. I remember seriously studying the English horn solos. I remember working so very hard to be perfect and expressive. And I remember getting so very nervous for each and every solo.

I think I’ve now played it for something like 30 years. I suspect I could play it without the music in front of me. I certainly know all the solos by heart. And I no longer get nervous, unless reeds are in fail mode.

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I’m like a folk musician who got a little out of control.

-Bela Fleck

This is from the Bach & Friends DVD. I highly recommend this 2 DVD set. What a great Christmas gift! Really!

… and rumor has it there just might be a Bach & More Friends! Stay tuned!

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J. S. Bach: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme

I – Choral: